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LDS Harp Music Religious
LDS Harp Music Religious

Harp Lessons

JAG Harp Studio


I love to teach and play the harp! I am currently accepting and teaching new students of all ages and all levels, both pedal and lever harps into my harp studio. I teach traditional note reading with emphasis on technique and artistry.


I teach in person lessons and online harp lessons using Zoom, FaceTime or Google Meet. 

I add repertoire carefully selected to keep you inspired, including classical, popular, jazz, religious and orchestral. I also teach improvisation, song writing and arranging, theory and rhythm.


Student Recitals

Julie Ensemble.jpeg

I teach those who play music for their own enjoyment and some who practice intensely for national competitions. Several of my students have been finalists in national harp competitions and some play regularly in rest homes and hospitals.


I love helping you learn at your level and will help you meet your musical goals.

Many performance opportunities will be available throughout the year. I present a yearly harp ensemble concert in January featuring at least 12 harps (pedal and lever) for students of all levels.


Two solo recitals for the students are also presented in the Fall and Spring.

Harp Festival


Students up to age 17 participate in a yearly Harp Festival sponsored by the local chapter of the American Harp Society National organization. Held in Provo each May, the students perfect and memorize two solo pieces to play for judges and receive ratings and certificates according to their performance. 

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