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PDF 2018 I am a Child of God - PDF

PDF 2018 I am a Child of God - PDF


This collection includes 30 arrangements from the 2013 & 2018 primary sacrament meeting presentation. The Children's Program has suggested songs and allows for free song choices about the Savior. Each song is arranged for harp solo and accompaniment.


Click HERE for Songs & Titles: Solos and Accompaniments

    A Child's Prayer
    Families Can Be Together Forever
    I Am A Child of God
    If the Savior Stood Beside Me
    My Heavenly Father Loves Me
    The Priesthood is Restored
    We Thank Thee, O God, For a Prophet
    When He Comes Again
    When I am Baptized

Level - Beginner to Intermediate


*New this year: Two solo or three versions for each primary song. There is a simplified arrangement for beginners and a moderate level solo for a late beginner or intermediate level. 
The Accompaniment section includes the melody line, words of all verses and harp part.

The simplified songs are not in the same key signature as the primary song book because these arrangements are centered around middle C. The other solo arrangement tempo and key signatures are identical to the ones found in the Primary Song Book and Hymn book.

Illustrations and words included. 


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