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Begin With Primary - solo harp
  • Begin With Primary - solo harp


    21 Songs for the beginner note reader. A great collection for a new student to play songs they love to sing and hear.


    Primary songs from the LDS Primary Book include:

    Level: Beginner
    Song Titles:
    A Happy Family
    Book of Mormon Stories
    Choose the Right Way
    Do As I'm Doing
    "Give," Said the Little Stream
    Happy, Happy Birthday
    I Am a Child of God
    I Feel My Savior's Love
    I Will Try To Be Reverent
    Jesus Once Was a Little Child
    Keep the Commandments
    Kindness Begins With Me
    Love One Another
    Popcorn Popping
    Quickly I'll Obey
    Teach Me To Walk in the Light
    The Chapel Doors
    When We're Helping

    Right and Left Hands play independently on the melody. Complete with words, placings, fingerings and illustrations.

    Concludes with Certificate of Merit for the student. 

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