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I Stand All Amazed : 19 page Collection of harp solos & accomp.
  • I Stand All Amazed : 19 page Collection of harp solos & accomp.

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    This collection  includes 3 different key signatures G, Ab and Bb for either Solo harp or harp Accompaniment. Parts are late beginner, early intermediate level. 

    As a bonus there is a simplified version in Eb for the beginner level harpist. This is playable on the Lever or Pedal Harp. Arranged by Julie Keyes.


    “I Stand All Amazed” is a hymn of praise and wonder that acknowledges gratitude for the Savior’s Atonement. Charles H. Gabriel, written in 1898. 


    Elder Jeffrey R. Holland said - “One of our favorite hymns begins, 'I stand all amazed.' (Hymns, 1985, no. 193.) In any consideration of Christ’s life, surely there is reason to be amazed in every way. We are amazed at his premortal role as the great Jehovah, agent of his Father, creator of the earth, guardian of the entire family of man. We are amazed at his coming to earth and the circumstances surrounding his advent, following millennia of revelatory leadership to Adam and Abraham and Moses and Lehi and all the prophets of old. We are amazed by his good and humble stepfather and by the young virgin who was his earthly mother. We are amazed at the miracle of his conception.”

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