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Shipping & Returns

JAG Harp Productions
Terms for purchasing PDF sheet music downloads

By purchasing PDF sheet music downloads from JAGHarp Productions you agree to the following terms of use:

Downloads are not returnable. After you’ve downloaded your music, please respect the copyright law so that we can continue to bring you more new works. Re-distributing or copying your downloads to give to others is against the copyright law. Here are some commonly asked questions about what you can and cannot do with your downloads once you’ve purchased them.

Can I print out my downloads?

Yes, you may print out your downloads, provided that each copy you print is for your own personal use. You may not print out your downloads to give to someone else, including students, with the exception of harp ensemble sets that include multiple parts 

Can I put my downloads on a tablet device?

Yes! You may put the sheet music downloads you’ve purchased on your own personal tablet devices. You cannot send your digital files to a friend to put on their tablet device. Be sure to back up your purchases so you can re-install them on future devices–you will not have access to purchases later.

Can I send a digital copy of my download to someone else?

No, your digital downloads are personalized for you, and you may not distribute them to other people.

What about ensemble arrangements with multiple parts?

You may print out a part from a set to give to another member of your group, but you may not print and distribute multiple copies of the same part.

What if my ensemble needs extra parts?

If you need more copies of a part than are included in a set, you’ll need to purchase them, or ask the other members of your group to purchase their own set or part. 

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